Chief Executive Officer Statement

Business doesn't start with calculations, plans and strategy only.

Any business, even the smallest, starts with a dream.

Business doesn't start with calculations, plans, and strategy only.  Any business, even the smallest, begins with a dream.

The dream exactly has led to the establishment of the first world-class hotel in industrial Donetsk laid down the foundations of SCM real estate business. Today Donbass Palace, that very first hotel, is part of ESTA Holding, SCM real estate business.

ESTA Holding has turned into one of the most rapidly developing organisations in Ukrainian real estate market during the years of its operation. The company owns, develops, and manages commercial centers and hotels in the biggest cities of Ukraine.

The primary objective of ESTA Holding is building a business that entirely meets the highest world standards.

For that reason, we follow the three most important principles in our business: еffectiveness, рrofessionalism, and responsibility. We are proud of having a team that meets each of these principles and is represented by devotees striving for the steady increase.  

Starting every new project, we are determined to make something unique from the perspective of business, architecture, social, and historical importance. Not only we strive for real estate creation, but also we strive for making our dreams come true.