Clear long-term strategy, well-balanced portfolio, professional management team, and strong financial results create a favourable environment for sustainable development of ESTA Group.

ESTA Holding’s fundamental strategic goals include further consolidation and effective management of the Group’s assets.

In the long-term perspective, ESTA Holding strives to create a well-balanced portfolio of quality projects through investments in facilities in operation and development of own projects.

ESTA Group is focused on acquisition and development of investment grade projects, which are unique in terms of their importance, architecture and location. They include:

  • A-class business centres;
  • large shopping centres (GLA >100,000 sq.m.) with a good access to transportation;
  • landmark shopping facilities in the central part of the city;
  • exquisite club-type communities;
  • cottage communities in prestigious areas;
  • further expansion of hotel chain;
  • large complexes with favorable location and focus on office premises;
  • creating a land reserve of land plots with development potential in major Ukrainian cities.

At the same time, ESTA Holding and ESTA Group are making adjustments to the active strategy in connection with today’s situation at the market. Actually the focus is shifted from development to acquisition of ready or almost ready facilities at the optimal cost.

As for the existing projects, ESTA Holding is focused on the projects in progress, which are surely to be a success. Other projects will be brought up to the level, where they can be launched at the best suitable time.