Corporate governance

Transparency of management system is an important factor of efficient growth and sustainable development.

ESTA Holding is committed to meeting the world’s best standards in corporate governance. A transparent and efficient management structure both on the level of the managing company and in the Group’s companies is an essential requirement of these standards.

Management bodies of the Company:

  • the Meeting of Participants,
  • the Supervisory Board,
  • the Chief Executive Officer.

The Meeting of Participants approves the Charter and legal organization and appoints the Chief Executive Officer of the Company. The Supervisory Board consists of the representatives of the Owner (Shareholder).

The Supervisory Board performs the following functions:

  • approves the strategy and the budget,
  • endorses investment projects,
  • appoints the Company’s CEO, defines his priority goals and working conditions,
  • approves applicants for position of the managers of customer service and the real estate management company,
  • approves real estate sales.

The Investment Committee consists of:

  • a representative of the Supervisory Board,
  • the Company’s directors,
  • project managers,
  • Analysis and Research Manager,
  • Corporate Communications Manager.

The Investment Committee approves every Company’s project within the strategy and budget.