Local communities

ESTA Holding deals with all responsibility for wellbeing of its operation areas. 

Systematic cooperation with local authorities and communities is highly important for an effective and responsible business. We take care of the environment we work in. We understand that the welfare of the city and country is a keystone for a successful business.


For us being a good citizen and a member of the local community means:

  • to be responsible in a face of the local communities;
  • work in partnership with all stakeholders and local authorities to ensure the long-term improvement of living standards in the communities.


ESTA Holding builds relationship with local communities on partnership principles. This means that apart from providing funding to meet social needs of the city or other area, ESTA Holding , solves problems of citizens in partnership with local communities, government and NGOs.

Our approach to partnership:

  • partners share our development philosophy;
  • responsibilities and contributions of the parties should be well-defined;
  • a coordinated range of activities to achieve practical results and real changes should be developed jointly with the local authorities and public institutions;
  • ESTA Holding takes care of the area's strategic development. We are ready to participate and provide support in the programs of local authorities, provided they have a plan of social and economic development in the area;
  • the programs must be well-grounded, appropriate and effective. We don't support inconsistent events. Any contribution must result in the citizens' understanding that the contribution was effective and the situation is really changing for better;
  • efficiency of invested funds is monitored by both local authorities and ESTA Group;
  • the program of cooperation with local communities must be in optimal accordance with the key strategic aspects of business development. Priority areas include health care, education, environment, safety, leisure and cultural development;
  • feedback with local communities must be established.


ESTA Holding regards participation of business in the development of presence regions as one of the most important CSR areas. We believe that development of every region is the keystone to the development of Ukraine. 

To implement the Group's policy in this field, ESTA Holding has developed and consistently implements an action program where supporting the projects focused on improving the investment appeal in the presence regions is its essential element.

Maintaining partnership relations with local communities is one of the most important CSR elements of big business.