ESTA Group is one of the most successful players in the Ukrainian real estate market. Our strategy focuses on developing the most marketable businesses.

Esta Holding being the management company of ESTA Group is a part of SCM. ESTA Holding executes the cycle of all necessary works at all stages of the development of the project starting from the primary analysis of the investment proposal and to the development and use of the implemented project. The company is focused on the high-quality investment projects being unique architecturally, quality of implementation or social significance. Among the primary business trends of ESTA Group are business centres and shopping malls as well as hotels. Besides, ESTA Holding implements small-sized projects of countryside estate. The company owns land assets with total surface area of more than 103 ha. ESTA Holding scrupulously follows the real estate market changes and is in continuous search for new prospective projects. 

ESTA Property Management is also a part of the Group with its main task being the real estate projects management.

The stability and positive dynamics of ESTA Group development reside in its conservative strategy –orientation at projects less dependent on speculative demand, focusing on the development of indicative and unique facilities as well as balanced regional strategy.